Testimonials and Birth Stories

Birth Instinct course recommendation

Hypnobirth baby girl

by Galina

First I would like to say THANK YOU to Kirsty. The hypnobirthing course really helped me to believe and understand what my body can do. My baby girl was born at 38 weeks on 27 March at 2am weighing 2.8kg in St.Georges hospital. On 26 March around 17.30 I was getting ready to go out for dinner with my husband when I realised I was bleeding. I went to the hospital and the midwife examined me and said: "You may have your baby soon" and then she said: "it's very early on and as it's your first baby you can go home."

Birth Instinct hypnobirthing course recommendation

hypnobirthiing baby boy

by Lorna

My partner and I are pretty anxious people and during pregnancy we were constantly worrying about the health of our baby . He didn't move a great deal so I was running to the hospital every couple of weeks to check he was ok. I found the idea of giving birth incredibly daunting and my anxiety was starting to take over my whole pregnancy experience. I was even having panic attacks.

My friend had recently given birth and she told me about hypnobirthing. She had a great birth experience and so I decided to give it a go.

Hypnobirthing experience

Hypnobirthing baby

by Becky

I just wanted to say thank you for all your input with the hypnobirthing. Esme Grace was born this morning at 3.07 am 2 weeks early and weighing 6'3lbs or 2.8 kg. My waters broke on Tuesday morning and she was born at home less than 24 hours later with no pain relief and no stitches required. The course really put me in the right frame of Mind and gave me confidence in my body to do what was needed. The rainbow team are also amazing, I can't praise them enough for the service they gave. It was hard work, but an amazing experience.

Hypnobirthing birth experience after induction

Hypnobirth baby girl

by Selena

After being monitored regularly for high blood pressure the Dr's decided induction at 39 + 2 was the only option as it wasn't improving. So we were booked in for induction at 3.30pm on Thursday. As we have just moved we spent most of the day unpacking boxes and trying to get the flat ready for baby to arrive in what we assumed would be a few days - I had heard induction can take days to start up. As I really didn't want an induction but understood that given my high BP it was necessary we did of course try all the old wives tales to get things started asap and I had been doing acupuncture regularly throughout the final weeks so this may also have helped.

Hypnobirthing second time experience

hypnobirth baby

by Gemma

When contractions started at 36 weeks, I was expecting another premature baby, however, it was a false alarm. I crossed my fingers I'd make it to term (37 weeks) to be in with a chance of a birth at the Birth Place. 37 weeks came and went, 38, 39, 40, 41 weeks went by... with two further false alarms and a hospital appointment booked for 20 Oct to discuss my options. I now worried about going over the term limit for the Birth Place!

Hypnobirthing birth experience

new baby

by Joanne

I woke at 3am feeling a bit damp and uncomfortable, nothing unusual I had been feeling like this at night for a few weeks now. A few light tightening’s, nothing that made my heart skip to be honest as I the false alarm the week before had made me relaxed about getting hicks, so I laid back down to rest and put on “Graves” as the colour and calmness track had become nick named..

The birth of Willow

new baby

by Sam, Gemma and Willow

When I found out I was pregnant, I was both excited and anxious about the birth. The only negative experience I encountered was the horror birth stories from other parents, which created my anxiety around whether I would be able to 'cope' with the pain during labour and birth.

The birth of our baby girl

Hypnobirthing baby

by Catherine and Sam

I found my first birth frightening, painful and disheartening, and when I found out I was pregnant again I was very keen not to repeat this experience. My initial plan was to ask for a very medicalised birth with an epidural just to avoid the pain again. I wasn’t sure how much something like hypnobirthing could help, and after seeing how difficult our first birth was my husband was very sceptical indeed! However we had heard great things about hypnobirthing, and we thought that it could not do any harm to try.